'Holding On' We Are Messengers Official Music Video

'Holding On' We Are Messengers Official Music Video

Check out the official music video for the new song from We Are Messengers called ‘Holding On.’

“I can't carry your cross but you can't carry mine, I know that it hurts, I know that it cuts
So deep inside, I know none of it's easy, you can take your time, you can't hurry grieving
It's hard to believe but there's joy in the ride, so I'll keep on holding on
'Cause I know you're holding me, I'll keep on moving on 'cause I know you'll carry me
So I'll walk through the fire ‘cause I know you're next to me, so I'll keep on holding on”

In this beautiful music video, you see scenes of a family gathered together, praying before a meal, and enjoying each other’s company. Then they are seen going on a family walk and holding hands. It is a wonderful picture of the love within a family.

Darren Mulligan, the lead singer of We Are Messengers, recently shared about the song ‘Holding On’ and the meaning behind it.

“There is a lyric on the song ‘Holding On.’ It’s one of those deep album cuts, but it’s one of my favorites on the record. ‘There’s a reason for living / Stick around and you’ll see / Yeah, it’s a tough season / But loss still has meaning / There’s fruit on that tree / So I’ll keep on holding on,’ he shared.

He continued: “It’s a song we wrote with a friend of ours who had lost his child. We wanted to write a song for people who are just wrestling continuously with something hard. And encourage them that sometimes all you can do is hold on and wait. I think that line really speaks to me and our hope is that it will keep many people alive who are wrestling with mental health issues, depression, anxiety, and suicide. Those people need an opportunity to have their voices heard and sometimes all they can do is hold on.”

We Are Messengers has such impactful, real, and beautiful music, and we hope that you were encouraged by their song ‘Holding On’ today!

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