'Nineveh' Brooke Ligertwood Live Performance

'Nineveh' Brooke Ligertwood Live Performance

Check out the live performance of the beautiful worship song ‘Nineveh’ by Brooke Ligertwood.

“Nineveh, oh Nineveh, the Lord is turning toward you, compassion or calamity
Will you heed the warning, fall on your knees, tear down your idols
When you choose surrender, you choose survival, call on His Name"

What a stunning and wonderful song that tells the narrative journey of the book of Jonah in the Bible. And then it concludes on a personal, individual challenge for the listener.

Brooke Ligertwood wrote ‘Nineveh’ with Pastor Steven Furtick, and Brooke shares about the songwriting process in a recent interview.

“When Pastor Steven Furtick messaged me in the spring of 2021 and said he and I should write a song called ‘Nineveh,’ the ‘world’ of this song immediately sprung to life in my spirit and we began and completed this work a relatively short time later,” says Brooke.

"Turn from your violence, out of the ashes, He will revive You
God have mercy, God have mercy, I know You are a gracious God                                                                                
I know You’re slow to anger but I misunderstood Your love, forgive me God for running” 

She continues: “It is a rare and deep joy to be able to write a song that closely examines a narrative of scripture while simultaneously inviting the listener to allow the scripture to examine them. ‘Nineveh’ is one such rarity and I feel honored to have co-written it with a songwriter and thinker I immensely respect – it was a joy from beginning to end.”

The song ‘Nineveh’ is the second single from Brooke Ligertwood’s forthcoming live solo album titled SEVEN that releases on February 25.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to the live performance of ‘Nineveh’ by Brooke Ligertwood today and it was able to encourage you in some way.

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