Andres Godoy - The World's Most Inspirational - Guitar Hero

Andrés' story is one, of not only an exceptional musician, but also a story of the human experience, of finding out how to learn and give to others even in the worst of situations.

Born in the port of San Antonio, Chile. He began teaching himself guitar at the age of 12. Feeding his passion for music, he went on to take lessons learning diverse styles and techniques of popular and classical guitar.

At age 14, his life changed. While working with some heavy machinery, Andres had an accident which resulted in the loss his entire right arm. After a period of recovery and readjustment, he set about, quietly to find ways to play the guitar and continued practicing daily. Andres taught himself to play the guitar with only his remaining arm, by which inventing a technique based on a series of blows, tugs, scratches, which created rhythms, harmonies, songs, and music. This technique,he named "Tatap".

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