Emotional Acrobatic Audition From Husband And Wife On BGT: The Champions

Emotional Acrobatic Audition From Husband And Wife On BGT: The Champions

Husband and wife Gao and Lio leave the crowd stunned after their acrobatic audition on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions.

We first met this talented couple when the appeared on the first season of Asia’s Got Talent. Their emotional ballet audition earned the golden buzzer from judge Mel C and the duo went on to win the entire competition. Then, in 2017, Gao and Lio appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, making it all the way to the semi-finals.

Now, they’re back on the big stage as they compete in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions. This special format features 45 competitors from all of the Got Talent franchises. For six weeks, these all-stars will battle it out to see who will be crowned the ultimate champion.

The list of contenders includes past winners, finalists and fan-favorites. With a talent pool like this, competitors must bring their very best. Gao and Liu did not disappoint with an emotional acrobatic routine that combined ballet and aerial skill. Not only is Liu extremely graceful, but she performs the majority of her moves while on top of her partner.

These moves are very challenging on solid ground and this duo just added to the difficulty by leaps and bounds. Gao and Liu truly gave this performance their all and it showed. The emotion from their dance resonates all throughout the theater and it culminates in a truly unforgettable routine.

What a beautiful display of talent and grace all in one. Who else was in awe of this breathtaking number?