Country Crooner Turns All 4 Chairs With Tim McGraw's 'If You're Reading This'

Country Crooner Turns All 4 Chairs With Tim McGraw's 'If You're Reading This'

A small-town country boy is now taking the national stage. If you’re a fan of The Voice, then you know Avery Robertson wowed the judges during his audition this season. This country crooner turns all four chairs with, ‘Tim McGraw’s If You’re Reading This’ song.

But Avery didn’t do what most anxious singers do. He didn’t try to exercise and show off every octave of his voice. He didn’t scream the lyrics, or belt out any extra tunes. He didn’t even run around the stage to capture the attention of millions watching.

He simply let his God-given gift of song fill the air. As if he was taking a deep breath or settling into his favorite comfy chair, Avery was calm, relaxed, and gave the audition the best of his ability.

Granted, his audition was during the blind performances but here’s the thing, the way he performed turned all four chairs of the judges. The first to approve of his performance was John Legend, followed within mere seconds by Kelly Clarkson. Both John and Kelly knew instantly Avery had the talent. Eventually, Blake Shelton gave his approval vote and as the last few notes of the song hung in the air, Nick Jonas voted in favor of Avery too.

So, what’s a young country singer to do when he has his choice of all four judges to coach him to the finish line? Does he pick Kelly with her experience as a country singer who crossed over into pop? Or what about the country boy, Blake Shelton? After all, Blake’s songs have topped the country music charts for years with lyrics and beats that resonate with his fan base. It appears that Avery didn’t even consider pop icons, Nick and John. Even though he never dreamed of winning over all four judges, Avery went with Blake as a strategic move to win the show!

Whether or not he wins this season of The Voice, there is no doubt, we won’t be seeing the last of Avery. His incredible voice is a gift that needs to be shared with this world! We’re rooting for you, Avery!

“May your priests be clothed with your righteousness; may your faithful people sing for joy” (Psalm 132:9).

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