Husband Brushes His Wife's Hair In Sweet Moment Captured By Grandchild

Husband Brushes His Wife's Hair In Sweet Moment Captured By Grandchild

Can you picture it - an all too sweet moment, recorded on camera by a grandchild as one devoted husband brushes his wife’s hair?

The camera starts rolling after the action has already begun. An elderly woman, the man’s wife, sits in a chair in what looks to be the kitchen. Her eyes are closed and her hands are folded as they rest on the table. The look on her face speaks to nothing short of contentedness.

Though she is unmoving, her hair is in motion. That is because the husband stands dutifully behind her, using both hands to groom her hair. By the look on the husband’s focused face, he appears to know what he is doing.

At the halfway point in the video, we realize that isn’t exactly the case. He has rolled his wife’s hair into some kind of lump, but that’s okay. The outcome may not have been professional, but the thought behind the action was nothing short of loving.

Despite the video being simply a man brushing his wife’s head, there’s some aura the video puts off. This aura is warm, comforting, They sure do look like they are in love.

Once he finishes her hair, he steps to her side to get a better look at his wife’s face. They peer at each other before the person filming, the grandchild, laughs. Then they laugh too. The husband moves behind his wife again, this time to deliver a warm embrace. She happily accepts. He even kisses her on the head.

Without knowing anything about the couple, we get a nice pristine picture of love. And what we see here is that love can be shown through these simple acts of service. This husband groomed his wife’s hair. Skilled or not, he served her.

How can we turn to our loved ones, spouses, partners, friends, and how can we serve them

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