Overcoming Tragedy, Country Star Luke Bryan Vows To Find The Good In Each Moment

Overcoming Tragedy, Country Star Luke Bryan Vows To Find The Good In Each Moment

Country Music Star Luke Bryan shares his determination to find the good in each moment even in spite of the tragedies he and his family have faced.

During this video, Luke is shown in a range of settings—participating in a photoshoot, hunting and fishing, celebrating holidays with family, performing, accepting music awards, judging young artists on “American Idol,” and more. But, most of the video is simply Luke seated near a staircase and a decorative table talking about the losses in this life. They are significant.

After a brief opening with Luke, an offscreen reporter shares highlights of Luke’s career, which really took off in 2007 when Luke recorded his hit single, “All My Friends Say.” However, career isn’t the focus of the story. Instead, the story serves as an introduction to the 5-part docu-series that is Luke’s latest project. The series is entitled “Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary.”

As the video continues, Luke describes three significant losses that have shaped who he is and how he approaches life. Luke’s brother, Chris, was killed in an automobile accident when Luke was just 19. Luke reflects on the fact that he and his sibling had never established a friendship as brothers because he had always just been the annoying younger brother to Chris, who was 26 at the time of his death. This tragedy changed Luke’s reality forever.

Approximately 11 years later in 2007, Luke lost his vibrant and beautiful sister. Sadly, the cause of her death was never determined. Kelly had always seemed like a second mother to Luke, checking on him and asking about things in his life. A picture of the three siblings appears in the video, and they look abundantly happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. We can relate to them, and, at the same time, it is impossible to imagine the pain the family experienced losing two members in such sudden ways while both were still so young.

The unthinkable happened when Kelly’s husband, Lee, passed away in 2014. His death left Kelly and Lee’s three teenage kids without parents. Luke had known Lee from the age of seven, since Kelly and Lee, both significantly older than Luke, had begun dating by then. Luke and his wife rallied around the kids, and their nephew moved in with Luke, Caroline, and their boys.

Luke speaks openly about how the addition of Tilden to their home impacted their family, recalling the scramble to make a place for Tilden as well as describing how his own two boys interact with their new older “brother.” He shares that he felt honored by Tilden’s decision to live with him and Caroline. And, he feels a responsibility to make sure Tilden is being raised in a way that honors both Kelly and Lee.

As the video continues, we learn about his 15-year marriage to Caroline. Luke credits her with teaching their boys good manners and conduct. He talks about being “contented” with regard to his career. And, he says his focus is really on writing good songs. His hope is that he inspires people to move on through tragedy when they observe his way of handling his own.

Luke’s story and testimony is nothing if not inspiring. In a world where celebrity is all about superficial, fake, flashy, and temporary things, Luke Bryan is an example of a true talent with real heart, genuine character, and bonafide goodness!

“My mouth speaks what is true, for my lips detest wickedness.” Proverbs 8:7

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