Bruno The Bear Walks 400 Miles Cross Country Searching for Love

Bruno The Bear Walks 400 Miles Cross Country Searching for Love

In his search for love, one American black bear known as Bruno has walked over 400 miles across the country and has been spotted all over from Illinois to Iowa to Missouri.

Bruno’s journey first started in May 2020 when he was spotted in Gillingham, Wisconsin. Then he made his way into Illinois, then Iowa, and back to Illinois. From there, the bear made his way south and swam across the Mississippi River into Missouri.

During his travels, Bruno the bear has turned into quite the social media phenomenon. Every part of his migration has been tracked, and he has over 150,000 fans on Facebook! They are all posting photos and videos of Bruno sightings from the states that he has traveled through. In Berry, Illinois, Bruno even got a police escort while he was crossing the highway there!

Biologists say that Bruno is possibly migrating to find a mate, but other factors could also be at play. It could be because of environmental pressures or a loss of resources. Also, there could be pressures from competition that could lead a bear to migrate to another area.

Whatever the reason for his journey, people have loved tracking Bruno and seeing where the bear was off to next.

American black bears are magnificent creatures, and they are beautiful animals to marvel at from afar. But because Bruno’s quest had most recently put him in a suburb of St. Louis, the Missouri Department of Conservation had to humanely tranquilize him for his own safety and for the safety of the public. They will transport Bruno to a place that is more in the wilderness and away from cars, buildings, and people.

We hope Bruno does find his mate, if that is what he is looking for during this long journey of his!