Widow Gets New Family For Thanksgiving Surprise

Widow Gets New Family For Thanksgiving Surprise

The FOX5 Surprise Squad in Las Vegas is well-known for paying it forward to deserving people. During one of their trips to a grocery store, the Surprise Squad member Monica Jackson met Miss Margaret.

Monica stepped up to the cash register to pay for Margaret's bill. But this sweet woman wanted to pay it forward herself, asking Monica if there was someone else who may need it more. Her incredible attitude won the hearts of everyone who saw the grocery surprise segment!

During the interview Margaret revealed that she doesn't have any family in town and the surprise squad never forgot that. So when it came time for Thanksgiving they got the entire surprise squad together and showed up at Miss Margaret's door for a Thanksgiving meal.

I just love her reaction when she opens the door and realizes what's happening. It makes it all that much more sweet that the Surprise Squad made her part of their very special family. What a beautiful story!

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