Put Down Your Phone Before It Ruins Your Life

Put Down Your Phone Before It Ruins Your Life

Each and every day, our world becomes more and more dependent on technology. It seems like everywhere we look, someone is on their phone and most of those times, people don't even stop to look up. We're starting to miss so many of the amazing things that happen around us because we're busy on our phones.

This is starting to become a problem in our world and motivational speaker Prince Ea is noticing the same thing. Just listen as he explains why being distracted can become harmful to society. This is such an eye-opening spoken word and each line is more powerful than the next.

When you truly listen to the words, it will start to awaken your soul. Let’s open our eyes and look up from our phones to embrace the world around us. God has created so many wonderful things for us to look at and enjoy. Let's be in awe of those moments and remember why we are truly here.

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