Mahmoud Abbas plans to bring Palestinian recognition before the United Nations (Second Coming Watch Update #221)

Mahmoud Abbas plans to bring Palestinian recognition before the United Nations. According to Haaretz, Mahmoud Abbas announced that the Palestinian Authority has decided to seek United Nations recognition as a non-member state. This will happen, said the Palestinian president, despite United States pressure opposing the move. In a statement to reporters Abbas said, "We are going to the United Nations so that it will confirm that we are a state under occupation. There are 133 states that recognize Palestine with its capital in Jerusalem and additional states with which we share diplomatic relations.

China's longest river has turned red. According to The Blaze, the Yangtze (YAN-SEE) River, the longest in China, turned a reddish-orange hue late last week. ABC News describes the river as "southwest China's largest industrial and commercial center." Officials are looking into the cause of the color that was reported in the city of Chongquing (CHONG-CHING) as well as other points along the river's route.

Death toll in Chinese earthquakes rises to 89. According to Reuters, rescuers in southwestern China tried to reach remote communities rocked by earthquakes that killed at least 89 people and damaged thousands of buildings. Shallow 5.6 magnitude quakes struck an impoverished, mountainous part of the country with poor infrastructure and communications and the death toll could rise as news trickles in from cut-off areas.

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