Gospel for Asia part 2 (missions)

The Call to Harvest part 2 (video of Gospel for Asia). Joseph is a native missionary who planted over 25 churches in Maharashtra, India. Gospel for Asia currently supports 16,500+ native missionaries like Joseph in 10 different countries in Asia. To date, nearly 30,000 churches have been planted in the 10/40 window!! The motto is "Planting churches among the most unreached." After a 3 year training program, 98% of those sent out go to a village where there is no other church. Within a year, the majority are able to establish a church. Native Missionaries do 90% of all pioneer missionary work. These indigenous missionaries are more effective than western missionaries for many reasons. They know the language and culture. There is no need for a visa. Plus, it only costs about $1000 a year to fully support a missionary!! Please consider partnering with a missionary and sponsor for only $30 a month. (Gospel for Asia Gospel for Asia world missions world missions team work India evangelism 10 40 window great commission great commission 10/40 window missions mission great commission great commission great commission)


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