Instrumental Videos | Reminisce
© 2013 music by Steven Childs Pennamen

Artist Comments
I never think to much about theory or about what instruments should be put
together as many composer’s seem to.

I just work with what I feel creating what blends well and sounds good to
me at the moment and hope other people will enjoy the final results.

In the instrumental video “Reminisce” I created a display of interesting
photos and video clips with beautiful mountain scenes, including a cascade
of waterfalls.

Watch a Bald Eagle as it soars through the sky, and a wonderful
close up of a Bald Eagle as it keeps it’s eye on you.

With a night shot of a Colosseum in Rome and some beautiful sunsets and a
colorful morning sunrise will put you in a restful place and peace of mind as
you listen to the song “Reminisce”

Enjoy a small array of fireworks against a red ocean with some in and out shots
of several instruments including drums, cellos, flutes as they fade throughout the
video “Reminisce”

Arranging instrumentals and mixing the textures of each of the instruments, the
music seems to take on a life of it’s own.
I love writing instrumentals and creating videos, it gives me an opportunity to
explore various melodies, and not be distracted by the lyrics of a song.

The creative artistic freedom of producing an instrumental music video, such as
Reminisce and other instrumental videos, sets the visual stage of imagination and
allows the artistic freedom to create thoughtful, inspiring an

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