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Looking Back
What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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'I'll Be' Official Music Video

A while back, my daughter and I had gone through some rough moments. It seemed as though I was neglecting our father/daughter relationship. I would get wrapped up in all the little things of this life, and forgot to see my real purpose in my daughters life. I started to think about the times that she tries telling me something, and I tell her just a second. Or she is having a rough day, and I forget to be a friend. So I wondered, am I being the person that I want my daughter to find? Some one who listens to her. Am I setting a blueprint of what she should look for in a man? Listening to her and encouraging her. Am I loving my daughter the way that GOD has called me to? Unconditionally. Unfortunately, I have failed. When I hear the constant playful screaming of my kids, I realize that it's just a temporary whisper in the air. I have a small window of time to show them who a parent should be, and what a husband/wife should be in their life.

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