Today's Devotional

The Kingdom We Long For
What makes you most desperate for the fullness of God’s kingdom to arrive?

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jerusalem ats holy land ,

Pro Terra Sancta - Holy Land Association
Help conserve the Holy Sites and support the Christians in the Holy Land.

The Holy Land Association is the charitable agency of the Custody of the Holy Land. In fulfillment of the Church's commission, the Franciscans of the Custody take care of the places where Christ lived and ministered, and serve the Christian community living there.

The Holy Land Association finances the conservation of the Holy Places, supports the Christians in the troubled Middle East, and promotes numerous social projects in the region.

The heart of the world is in the Holy Land, the heart of the world beats in Jerusalem; the Holy Land is the land of revelation, of the gift of the law, of the incarnation; it is the land of Christ...

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