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Seeing is Disbelieving
How does God’s promise in Deuteronomy 1:30-31 encourage and prepare you to fight for what’s true?

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Wayne Watson - it's Time Video

well here you have one of the greatest Videos i ever watched in all my life,thanks God The fist Time I saw this video was in Honduras my Motherland before to come to live in canada,when i watched it for the first Time I Must admit that i was watching something very touch then once i was in canada i tried over and over to recall the name of the man who sing this song but never happened then for one reason to other God let contact one of my older friends in USA From the bookstore WWW.CROSSINGMUSIC.COM my broth who i really appreciated offered me this video for free if i can remember then once it once in my hand i watched wayne watson on the artwork video then i though it one of those oldest video but anyway i will give it a chance for watching it to my surprise it was the man i was trying for such a long time know who freaking was!!! Thanks God!! few years later it was transfered on DVDR,I Paid for it but anyway,so this is the story of this video you watching now..

grasias a todos una larga historia que contar con este video pero grasias a Dios finamente luego de que lo hubiera visto en honduras por primera vez,9 anos despues lo tenia en mi mano por un envio desde United States, y finalmente los transferi en DVDR, este es unos de esas pocas reliquias que uno nunca de faltar en su colecion de Videos,,espero sea de Bendicion en sus vidas,es un corto film en video musical de Wayne Watson el cual les recomiendo escuchen su cansion llamada...

"friend of a wounded heart el cual les fasinara mis favoritas en los 80s,y 90s...

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