Today's Devotional

Looking Back
What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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THB Book Trailer

It’s amazing how a small choice can change your life forever. Luke feels he has his dream job being an astrophysicist at the Houston Aerospace Engineering Center preparing for the upcoming Mars mission. He even has a blooming romance with Sarah, a physician where he works. Life in 2089 is good—couldn’t be better. Until … he picks up that small piece of confetti containing three simple letters forces him to face the world as he never knew it to be. He is arrested by some men in black suits, accused of being a terrorist, interrogated by an intimidating woman, injected with a fluorescent purplish liquid, and wakes forty-eight hours later in a jail cell with a tremendous headache. This is only the beginning of his adventure. He discovers many are being manipulated by an elite few. Apparently, he and Sarah are immune to these reprogramming techniques and are recruited by two individuals to help discover the secret this elite few is hiding from the world.
To Luke’s surprise, two of his best friends are also recruited. The six of them delve into a world of secrets and covert operations to find answers to the questions life is now throwing at them. Yet, every direction they turn points to T-H-B, the apparent protected secret of this elite few. What is this well-kept secret? Will finding it bring clarity and the right path for their future? Or will finding it make he and his friends enemies to the enemy to the entire world. Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.