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  • The Archangel
    The ArchangelDaniels prophecies about the future are so accurate that critics have claimed it must be history. His troubling vision about coming events confirms the incredible accuracy of Gods prophetic Word.turning--point2015-11-22T00:00:0022 views00:58:09
  • The Herald
    The HeraldGabriel brings the message regarding the seventy weeks prophetic events and the six important items that must take place before the seventy weeks are completed.turning--point2015-11-15T00:00:0064 views00:58:29
  • The Madman
    The MadmanIn this lesson we learn about the cruelty of Antiochus, the troubling events that the Jewish people endured, and future suffering under the coming Antichrist.turning--point2015-11-08T00:00:0089 views00:58:29
  • The Conqueror
    The ConquerorIn Daniels second dream, we see the amazing detail in which God revealed the future to Daniel, including Alexander the Greats ultimate victory over the Medo-Persian Empire.turning--point2015-11-01T00:00:0033 views00:58:29

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Red Bombs
Why is it so important to dress appropriately for the wedding feast? How can you help others know that God has invited them to be part of His wedding feast one day?

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