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  • The Family Tree
    The Family TreeAfter finding my 82 year old mom was not an only child as she always thought, we found she had 7 siblings 5 still living. It inspired my husband Michael to search for his ancestors. Little did he know that he is a direct descendant from the Purita...praisesong12012-09-07T14:34:09587 views00:18:07
  • Miracles
    MiraclesThe Lord gave me this word the other day after my brother Steve passed away. Switching through the TV channels I came across a woman on TBN who said we can command what we want. My spirit was agitated and the Holy Spirit led me to write this video...praisesong12012-02-29T12:39:07325 views00:09:12
  • Pearls of Great Price
    Pearls of Great PriceThis video is made from a personal testimony but it relates to our walk as a Believer. Do we have the genuine gospel of truth or are we playing Church? What will be the consequence of playing Church and going our own way?praisesong12012-02-29T09:29:05400 views00:04:59
  • The Three Towers
    The Three TowersAbout a week ago I had a vision about the internet. In this video we draw the correlation between The Tower of Babel, The World Trade Center and the Internet. This is a prophetic word.praisesong12012-02-29T09:19:05463 views00:06:12
  • And with Fire!
    And with Fire!The point I believe the Holy Spirit is making to all Believers is that we all have to go through the exact same purging process from God. We are all at different levels in the process but everything will be tested by fire. We may think we have vic...praisesong12011-08-25T20:24:19323 views00:10:36
  • Soldiers for Jesus?
    Soldiers for Jesus?I took video clips of women in war from a public domain archive and I wanted to show the contrast between those that really lay their life down for the brethren and those that are imposters.praisesong12011-08-25T19:24:13373 views00:03:19
  • Store Your Treasures
    Store Your TreasuresThe other day I felt the Lord wanted me to go through my practice music tapes so my husband and I recorded this song it as it seems to be timely. When I woke up this morning I was informed Illinois had an earthquake 50 miles from where I am locate...praisesong12011-08-25T19:19:17355 views00:06:14
  • Dense Fog
    Dense FogThink of your Faith like its your Car. Sometimes God will take our Faith for a Spiritual Road Test because He sees the dangers up ahead. He does this as a sign of His love for us. His Word warns about a Great Falling Away from the Faith and that w...praisesong12011-08-25T18:49:18353 views00:02:12
  • Words - So Many Words
    Words - So Many WordsThis song written in 1994 deals with WORDS and what is positive confession Let us take scripture in its proper context God never tells us to keep silent about those teaching false doctrine But a word of warning to us all: we must not be mean spiri...praisesong12011-08-25T17:34:16336 views00:05:56
  • Let's Make A Deal
    Let's Make A DealSo much of what is presented today as the Full Gospel and True Salvation is void of the commitment that is required in the covenant contract Mankind needs to make with God. The great falling away Paul spoke of is mostly a result of misrepresentati...praisesong12011-08-25T17:29:16480 views00:02:07
  • Prophecy for America
    Prophecy for AmericaTaken from the Book of Lamentations what I thought was just comfort for me I realized was eerily prophetic for America at this time Written on Sept 8 2008. This is a video everyone should see.
    praisesong12011-08-25T17:24:16278 views00:03:34
  • Tell-A-Vision
    Tell-A-VisionAs we were watching TV we noticed images and color coming at us so fast that we felt it was an assault. We do not think the laser beams coming through the TV are innocent. Be very careful how much you watch. I was woken up out of my sleep and saw ...praisesong12011-08-25T17:19:15287 views00:24:12
  • Nobody's Fault
    Nobody's FaultAfter posting requests for the body of Christ to help my daughter Jennifer we wanted to let everyone know that Jennifer passed away June 8, 2011. This video was produced by my husband Michael Copeland and captures her burial on June 9, 2011. praisesong12011-08-25T17:09:22313 views00:04:04
  • T.V. Christmas - My Father and Me
    T.V. Christmas - My Father and MeThis was the second time I performed on the Bob Crosby Show which at one time was the top rated daytime show on television. My father, being a regular on the show as part of the Modernaires vocal group as the other regulars, had their children do ...praisesong12010-10-02T01:43:331,312 views00:02:29
  • My Bible Says - Mr. Ed on Revelation
    My Bible Says - Mr. Ed on RevelationThis is a short skit involving the TV horse Mr. Ed and a Parrot discussing the end of heaven and earth. After watching the History Channel tonight and part of their segment saying that many religions and cultures prophesied the end of the world in...praisesong12010-10-02T01:37:313,956 views00:02:37
  • Worship Him - Scripture Song
    Worship Him - Scripture SongMost people today are being deprived of the main purpose for living. That purpose is to worship God with all of our hearts. This worship song was just written January 16th, 2008 and we invite you to worship with us as we sing Revelation 14: 6,7 ta...praisesong12010-10-02T01:37:291,359 views00:05:19

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