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Not a Sprint
Where do you feel like giving up?

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Increase My Love, O God



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  • The Radical Jesus
    The Radical JesusWe live in a time when everything around us is conspiring to lull believers to sleep spiritually. We desperately need to see Jesus for who He is, but many American preachers present a wimpy version of Jesus. Stirring message by Glenn Meldrum!eternalweight2013-12-09T13:54:067,360 views00:05:32
  • Living in a Frenzy
    Living in a FrenzyHow is the frantic pace of our 21st Century culture affecting our spiritual life? In a day when believers and pastors desperately need to hear the still, small voice of God, most seem to prefer the flesh-stimulating noise of this world. We must qu...eternalweight2013-06-30T02:29:043,589 views00:06:43
  • Careless Ease-Steve Gallagher
    Careless Ease-Steve GallagherThe American Church has been enjoying prosperity for the past 50 years. This has brought about an indulgent lifestyle where professing Christians go after everything this world has to offer--so long as it is short of obvious sin. eternalweight2013-04-23T03:29:153,554 views00:06:31
  • No Hell?
    No Hell?What kind of a man would present a softened and false notion about what the Word of God clearly teaches about man’s eternal destiny? One who fears man and doesn’t fear God. Steve Gallagher (,260 views00:03:50
  • The Three Faces Of The Apostasy
    The Three Faces Of The ApostasyThe book of Revelation describes a terrible world system that will infiltrate the Church and attempt to draw its members into itself. It’s called Babylon and its three faces can be seen in the Church today. This is the Great Apostasy that is alrea...eternalweight2012-10-11T17:04:058,802 views00:05:20
  • A Titanic Disaster is Coming
    A Titanic Disaster is ComingA Titanic Disaster is Coming Message by Jeff Colon, Executive Producer Steve Gallagher, Production wdesignompany.cometernalweight2012-03-29T12:39:085,284 views00:06:23
  • Eternal Weight of Glory -- Steve Gallagher
    Eternal Weight of Glory -- Steve GallagherEvery mortal has been allotted a short probationary period on this earth—an opportunity to build a godly timeline. But before we know it the final curtain will fall, the door of opportunity will be closed, and we will never again pass this way.eternalweight2012-02-06T17:59:227,362 views00:05:14