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Making Plans
What plans are you working on today?

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Philippians 4:5



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  • Is Sunday The Real Sabbath?
    Is Sunday The Real Sabbath?All of creation obeys our Heavenly Father. He says to the mountains "RISE" and they do it. He says to the seas "GATHER TOGETHER IN THIS PLACE AND GO NO FURTHER" and they do it. He says to the stars "MAKE THIS FORMATION" and they obey. He says to m...divinenewsnetwork2012-09-27T19:14:061,866 views00:20:48
  • Do We Go Direct To Heaven When We Die?
    Do We Go Direct To Heaven When We Die?Welcome, this is my sixth sermon. This topic is "Do We Go Direct To Heaven When We Die?". Many people are being taught unbiblical ideas about when you die. There has been a mis-conception of going direct to heaven when one dies. But what does the...divinenewsnetwork2012-05-22T18:39:051,422 views00:06:02
  • Spiritual Armor
    Spiritual ArmorWelcome, this is my second sermon. This topic is Spiritual Armor. With all the evil and ungodly lifestyles taking place in this world, and the alternative way of thinking as many push the biblical morals to the closet, how are we to prepare to pro...divinenewsnetwork2010-12-27T19:19:161,165 views00:09:48
  • The Ten Commandments
    The Ten CommandmentsThis topic is about "The Ten Commandments". Are we still bound to the Ten Commandments? Are they still valid, and if so why? This sermon video goes over the scriptures which declare the Commandments are still to be followed. Be sure to visit us on...divinenewsnetwork2010-12-24T14:24:11445 views00:10:00
  • Signs Of The Times
    Signs Of The TimesThis topic is about "The Signs of The Times, When Jesus Comes!". Be sure to visit us online at - God Bless, Min. Allen.divinenewsnetwork2010-12-24T14:19:21577 views00:06:25
  • 2 Eternities
    2 EternitiesThis topic is about "2 Eternities". Which path will you take? The Narrow path to Heaven? or the Broad path to damnation? This sermon talks about the choice we all have to ignore this world and the sinful lifestyles, but the most important part is ...divinenewsnetwork2010-12-24T14:19:21504 views00:07:03