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What things have you been trying to handle without prayer?

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  • Dance 2009
    Dance 2009A short collection of tidbits of multiple songs.... With dancing. :)broseph2010-10-02T01:40:041,354 views00:02:25
  • Trick or Feed 2
    Trick or Feed 2Another video for Trick or Feedbroseph2010-10-02T01:34:401,819 views00:01:00
  • Trick or Feed
    Trick or FeedA promotional video for the Trick or Feed projectbroseph2010-10-02T01:34:401,687 views00:01:14
    GOOM-BA-DAY!!An action film made for my church youth group, with no plot but to show the way around where we were staying for our missions trip and give some people from the youth group some , fame, I guess. Make them feel special. But one small group goes aro...broseph2010-10-02T01:25:512,166 views00:04:45
  • The Thinker
    The ThinkerThis is a film created for the 2009 BRAWL contest on It is about a guy who has a dream that he can mentally control things around him, and tests out his powers. in the end he meets somebody else who has the same power, and he w...broseph2010-10-02T01:24:161,904 views00:03:00
  • The Moving Buisness
    The Moving BuisnessThis film was made as an entry to the AniExer-size contest on,914 views00:05:21
  • Terminator: The Star Wars Way
    Terminator: The Star Wars WayThe Terminator story with Star Wars characters. Darth Vader comes back in time to terminate Queen Amidala, as one day she will give birth to Luke Skywalker and free the galaxy of the dreaded Empire. Han Solo is sent back to protect Amidala, and de...broseph2010-10-02T01:11:492,785 views00:08:04
  • LEGO Star Wars: Clone Secret Mission
    LEGO Star Wars: Clone Secret MissionAfter two years of taking pictures, adding sound effects, and buying new Lego sets. My first movie over 5 minutes in length, LEGO Star Wars: Clone Secret Mission. Please comment. I've been workin' on the thing for two YEARS for Pete's sake!!!! Ple...broseph2010-10-02T01:10:463,683 views00:09:44
  • Magic Show
    Magic ShowA movie i made for my friend the magician David Lucas. If you ever come over here, look him up.broseph2010-10-02T00:52:082,745 views00:00:39
  • Contest Entry Contest EntryThis is a video that i made for an re3 contest about recycling. The goal was to make a 30 second commercial that would promote recycling among teens. The winner of the contest is announced on Earth Day, April 22. Hope ya'll like itbroseph2010-10-02T00:48:211,663 views00:00:30
  • High school Brawl Fight Rounds 1 & 2
    High school Brawl Fight Rounds 1 & 2My friends Staci and Susanne jokingly asked me to make a vieo about them beating each other up. Voila.broseph2010-10-02T00:48:211,583 views00:01:02
  • Road Rules Promo
    Road Rules PromoThis was a commercial for my youth group for an event called Road Rules. Its already over(my team came in 5th out of 9 hehe), but i though I should share this with ya'll. :D Hope you like it!broseph2010-10-02T00:47:172,086 views00:04:06
  • Pirates!
    Pirates!I made this at the beach, while I was bored. not my best work, but i thought i would share it anyway. :Dbroseph2010-10-02T00:47:172,344 views00:00:22
  • Magic Show!
    Magic Show!This is a very old movie i made for a friend who is a magician, he asked for something to put on his website. Never finished it, but i though I should upload it for ya'll to see. :Dbroseph2010-10-02T00:47:171,498 views00:00:39
  • LEGO Ninja's
    LEGO Ninja'sNo matter where a ninja goes, he'll always win. Unless he faces a Jedi.broseph2010-10-02T00:04:553,038 views00:00:26
  • My First Lego movie
    My First Lego movieThis is the movie I made while my brother was mowing the lawn. When you see the lighting change significantly, that's when I allowed him to assist me in finishing, lol.broseph2010-10-02T00:04:552,162 views00:00:35