Selah - One Thing I Know

This is the first Selah song I ever heard, back in 1999. The song is called "One Thing I Know", from their debut album "Be Still My Soul", back in the days when Nicol Smith (now Nicol Sponberg) was still with the group (although she has no vocal parts on this song; all of the vocals are done by her brother Todd Smith.) Wonderful song; I can think of many people I would like to sing this song for (in fact, I did sing it in church for someone specific, and I let them know in advance that I was singing it for him, although I did not let the congregation know that.) There are so many hurting people out here that need to here the message of this song. "God will take away your pain if you choose to let it go."

Written by Jason Alan Whitmore and Joel Lindsey.

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