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  • [AJ] News Update #4!
    [AJ] News Update #4!Here's another news update! Make sure your sound is turned up!
    Hope y'all enjoyed! God Bless :D
    jdd-random-adventure2015-10-07T22:00:18200 views00:07:40
  • [SP-CS] Blood Moon Event Speedpaint!
    [SP-CS] Blood Moon Event Speedpaint!Sorry this is a day late, it took too long to edit together!
    The music is Rise by Skillet and Welcome to the Show by Britt Nicole. Intro and Outro by me!
    Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed! God Bless :D
    jdd-random-adventure2015-09-28T20:05:16179 views00:06:28
  • [SP-PkMn-CS] Pokemon Speedpaint!
    [SP-PkMn-CS] Pokemon Speedpaint!Here's a speedpaint of tow Pokemon- Dragonite and Servine.
    I did this mainly for a new desktop background, as you could see mine was completely out of the ordinary, but I decided to record me making the picture too!
    I hope you enjoyed! G...
    jdd-random-adventure2015-09-27T03:40:15235 views00:06:09
  • Why Have Videos Been so Slow? + New Intro & Outro!
    Why Have Videos Been so Slow? + New Intro & Outro!Here's a description of why videos have been so slow + New intro and outro! Hope you enjoy!
    God bless! :D

    Main Video:
    Recorder- liteCam
    Intro + Outro:
    Intro music- Pokemon Company, Champion Red Battl...
    jdd-random-adventure2015-09-25T21:25:14161 views00:05:15
  • [AJ] News Update #3!
    [AJ] News Update #3!Here's a new news update for animalJam! And I am talking through a mic, so that's what I'll do from now on.
    Thanks for watching! Please like, share, subscribe, and anything like it. God Bless :D
    jdd-random-adventure2015-09-07T20:29:08136 views00:03:14
  • [AJ] Me and MagicSparkelz AJ
    [AJ] Me and MagicSparkelz AJHere's a video of me and MagicSparkelz AJ just hanging out and being random. I'm a fan of her, and I'm her buddy, so that's why you may see her float around in some of my videos.
    Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed!
    jdd-random-adventure2015-08-27T23:07:57125 views00:05:33
  • [AJ] Under the Chat Bubble Glitch!
    [AJ] Under the Chat Bubble Glitch!Here's a video I made for a brand new hilarious AnimalJam glitch. Just say certain sentences and then it just appears under the chat bubble!
    I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for watching! God Bless! :D
    jdd-random-adventure2015-08-26T18:15:32123 views00:05:00
  • [AJ] Me and My Friend Going Crazy!
    [AJ] Me and My Friend Going Crazy!This is just an AnimalJam Video of me and my friend going crazy, or at least being beyond random, on AJ.
    I hoped you enjoyed and got some laughs out of it.
    God Bless! XD
    jdd-random-adventure2015-08-14T16:55:47155 views00:05:46
  • [AJ] Unreleased Item Scam- Watch Out!
    [AJ] Unreleased Item Scam- Watch Out!Here's a video for a new scam that's going around. For example I did it on the Infinity Necklace. People say it's unreleased, but it's really in stores! Don't trust them! Otherwise, here's another AnimalJam Video. To give credit, the music is a re...jdd-random-adventure2015-08-03T03:15:06372 views00:05:03
  • Hide AJ Style!
    Hide AJ Style!This is an AnimalJam Music Video of Hide from Joy Williams! Best in full screen resolution, by the way.
    I thought I'd make this video because there hasn't been many music videos lately, so here we go! Thanks for watching and have a nice day! ...
    jdd-random-adventure2015-07-29T03:55:01143 views00:04:11
  • [SP-CS-AJ] AnimalJam Otter Speedpaint!
    [SP-CS-AJ] AnimalJam Otter Speedpaint!Here's a speedpaint of my AnimalJam Otter, done on ChickenSmoothie! The music is Awake and Alive by Skillet and What Have We Become by DC Talk. I hope you all enjoyed! God Bless! ~jdd-random-adventure2015-07-24T02:10:01216 views00:05:40
  • [AJ] The Otter With the Golden Tophat
    [AJ] The Otter With the Golden TophatOn AnimalJam, I got the SECOND most rarest item: The Founders' Hat! In exchange for a Black Short Collar (it was an amazing undertrade), I recieved this second most beta of all betas! Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

    jdd-random-adventure2015-07-20T19:44:58311 views00:01:45
  • [AJ] 2015 Book of Glitches!
    [AJ] 2015 Book of Glitches!This is a sped-up video of a list of glitches I know on AnimalJam! This video was uploaded 7/16/2015, by the way, so if they don't work anymore, I'm sorry!
    Thanks for watching!
    jdd-random-adventure2015-07-16T21:00:00155 views00:02:57
  • [AJ] Those Random and Embarrassing Moments- 13,600 View Special!
    [AJ] Those Random and Embarrassing Moments- 13,600 View S...Here's a 13,600 total view special! Enjoy these random/embarrassing moments brought to you by FerretLover158604 (me), Pinkygirl2014, and Kyuremlovesmilk!
    jdd-random-adventure2015-07-09T01:59:56338 views00:03:32
  • [AJ] Randomness
    [AJ] RandomnessHere's some randomness I caught on AJ!
    The soundtrack is "RBY Lavender Tow Remix" by PokeRemixStudio on YouTube.
    Thanks for watching and have a good day! =D
    jdd-random-adventure2015-07-06T19:49:55196 views00:01:47
  • [AJ-PkMn] The Colress Goes Nyan
    [AJ-PkMn] The Colress Goes NyanI made this spectacularly random video.
    The character is based off of the Pokemon character Colress, and the soundtrack it Nyan Cat, whom I don't know the author of.
    Thanks for watching! =D
    jdd-random-adventure2015-07-02T23:34:58383 views00:00:38