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Crossing Cultural Divides
How can you cross cultural divides and engage with the strangers next door?

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Proverbs 11:13



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  • Learn2Discern - Can Christian Groups Be Christian
    Learn2Discern - Can Christian Groups Be ChristianThe U.S. Supreme Court is weighing the question of whether a law school's anti-discrimination policy that favors homosexuals and atheists outweighs religious freedom. Learn2Discern!

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    crm12010-10-02T02:16:191,139 views00:01:30
  • Learn2Discern - War on Interns
    Learn2Discern - War on InternsWe're from the government, and we're here to employ you. Over the past few months, the Obama Administration has done some curious things. First, it pushed through a multi-billion dollar increase in funding for AmeriCorps, the government's xymoroni...crm12010-10-02T02:15:17988 views00:01:30
  • Learn2Discern - Taxes, Justice, and Charity
    Learn2Discern - Taxes, Justice, and CharityA formula for failure and chaos. In 2010, America approached a dangerous threshold. About 47 percent of Americans paid no federal income tax at all, thanks to low incomes, tax credits, deductions, and

    exemptions. Learn2Discern!

    crm12010-10-02T02:15:06973 views00:01:30
  • Learn2Discern - Make-Believe Courage
    Learn2Discern - Make-Believe CourageSouth Park, the profane and shocking cartoon show on the Comedy Central network, is brave when insulting Christians, Jews, Hindus, or Buddhists. Learn2Discern!

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    crm12010-10-02T02:14:591,568 views00:01:30
  • Learn2Discern - Sean Penn Defends a Dictator
    Learn2Discern - Sean Penn Defends a DictatorSean Penn may want YOU - behind bars. Hugo Chavez is a dictator who is ruining Venezuela's economy, shutting down opposition media, and arresting critics. Those are easily confirmed facts, but Sean Penn thinks I should be thrown into prison for sa...crm12010-10-02T02:14:151,267 views00:01:30
  • Learn2Discern - The Borg
    Learn2Discern - The BorgWhat do student college loans have to do with health care? Nothing, except that the government health care takeover law also includes the federal takeover of college loans. Learn2Discern!

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    crm12010-10-02T02:14:061,181 views00:01:30
  • Learn2Discern - Glen Beck and Social Justice
    Learn2Discern - Glen Beck and Social JusticeBroadcaster Glenn Beck hit a nerve when he told viewers to run from their churches if they brandish the terms "social justice" or "economic justice" on their Web sites. Learn2Discern!

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    crm12010-10-02T02:13:571,150 views00:01:30
  • Learn2Discern - Coulter and Canada
    Learn2Discern - Coulter and CanadaAnn Coulter, the fiery conservative columnist, is not everyone's cup of tea. But freedom lovers should be concerned about how

    she was recently treated in Canada under that country's oppressive hate speech laws. Learn2Discern!

    crm12010-10-02T02:13:48742 views00:01:30
  • Learn2Discern - Girl Scouts and Sex Guide
    Learn2Discern - Girl Scouts and Sex GuideTen years ago, National Review writer Kathryn Jean Lopez wrote an eye-opening article, The Cookie Crumbles. It reported on how the Girl Scouts of America were adopting radical policies at the top of their

    organization, while thousands of l...
    crm12010-10-02T02:13:032,469 views00:01:30
  • The Coral Ridge Hour Special - Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger
    The Coral Ridge Hour Special - Socialism: A Clear and Pre...Is socialism biblical? Is life better when Washington runs Wall Street and Main Street? A stunning new documentary from Coral Ridge Ministries offers answers at a time when socialism is on the march in America with business bailouts and government...crm12010-10-02T02:12:561,270 views00:01:46
  • Learn2Discern - Time to Kneel and Pray
    Learn2Discern - Time to Kneel and PrayLet's kneel and pray so that God will hear and heal. It is the day that millions of people nationwide bow their heads and pray in churches, city halls, and open air gatherings. Learn2Discern!

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    crm12010-10-02T02:12:53729 views00:01:30
  • Learn2Discern - Is the Health Insurance Mandate Constitutional?
    Learn2Discern - Is the Health Insurance Mandate Constitut...Can the government force people to buy health insurance . . . or face fines or jail? It sure can, says Nancy-Ann DeParle, director of the White House Office of Health Care Reform, when asked if Obamacare is constitutional. Learn2Discern!

    crm12010-10-02T02:12:43780 views00:01:30
  • Learn2Discern - ObamaCare and Abortion
    Learn2Discern - ObamaCare and AbortionBarack Obama easily qualifies as the most pro-abortion president in American history. He once pledged to Planned Parenthood that abortion would be "at the heart" of his health care legislation. He did not

    disappoint. Learn2Discer...
    crm12010-10-02T02:11:47864 views00:01:30
  • Learn2Discern - Free Speech and Venezuela
    Learn2Discern - Free Speech and VenezuelaFree Speech in Venezuela? Not so much anymore! As Hugo Chavez tightens his socialist grip on Venezuela, he's acting more and more like his role model, Fidel Castro. Learn2Discern!

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    crm12010-10-02T02:11:37754 views00:01:30
  • Learn2Discern - All Animals Are Equal
    Learn2Discern - All Animals Are Equal"All Animals Are Equal, But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others." Learn2Discern!

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    crm12010-10-02T02:11:251,286 views00:01:31
  • Learn2Discern - Not Exactly Heaven on Earth
    Learn2Discern - Not Exactly Heaven on EarthThey promised heaven and delivered the exact opposite. Socialism is the idea that government and not private individuals should be in charge of an economy. Instead of free enterprise, it means central planning, and instead of private property, it...crm12010-10-02T02:11:15780 views00:01:31