Poem Video "Rock-A-Bye Church"

Written By...Timothy Jon Barrett...In James 2:20, it says,"Faith with out works is dead". This verse really speaks to me, because that is the exact state of many of the Church's today- Dead!!! Over the years we have become so laid-back and content in our own salvation and Holiness, that we have neglected the most important part of Christian living- that is works! The works that we do, are found within the Church walls and there alone. The Church today has become a "Holy Political Arena", where social activities and a self serving attitude are the only things found. We have become so conformed to the World and its ways, that it is hard to tell the difference between a Christian and a non Christian! We need to wake up to the real world,(Gods World) and start bringing the Gospel to the lost and stop limiting our works to the confines of the Church's four walls."WAKE UP CHURCH!!"

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