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  • Spiritflight's Death Speedpaint
    Spiritflight's Death SpeedpaintI'm SO sorry I've been inactive! I was kind of busy, and I lost my means of video recording and editing xP

    Here is a pic of a scene from an RP with my OC Clan.

    Characters: Spiritflight (Grey and white she-cat, dying) Spiderp...
    sarahstuffies2016-03-11T12:47:067 views00:09:33
  • Riverstar and the Cat of the Water
    Riverstar and the Cat of the WaterThis video is of a warriors style game me and KatieKinz8 play. Both are the same cat, but one has the strength of other cats, and has become evil as a result. The image is basically Riverstar realizing what's inside her.sarahstuffies2013-06-15T13:54:04572 views00:07:52
  • Speed-Paint Of My Fursona, Tornadostorm
    Speed-Paint Of My Fursona, TornadostormThis is my fursona Tornadostorm. She was born with a weird eye, and wears a pink lily over it. She has a very sweet attitude, so the music I chose is perfect.



    ~Tori No Uta~

    ~Ireland~ (Just...
    sarahstuffies2013-05-24T17:59:05744 views00:07:07
  • Let's Play Kirby's Epic Yarn Part 2
    Let's Play Kirby's Epic Yarn Part 2This is my first LP. I will be posting one episode a day, and such. I am sorry for the low audio, and video quality. I tried my best.sarahstuffies2013-05-24T10:59:05761 views00:21:54
  • Let's Play Kirby's Epic Yarn Part 1
    Let's Play Kirby's Epic Yarn Part 1This is my first ever LP. I will be posting one video every day, and so on. Please enjoy, and I apologize for the qualitysarahstuffies2013-05-24T08:14:05673 views00:14:03
  • The BOO Races! (My Four Favorite Courses)
    The BOO Races! (My Four Favorite Courses)This is just me racing with my favorite character/cart combination on my top four courses.

    Please note that I CAN do better! I wasn't at the top of my game when I played this. Been using a medium Mii allot, and just got back to the awe...
    sarahstuffies2012-11-13T18:39:07550 views00:12:47
  • The Battle Between Longtail, and Rusty: SpeedPaint
    The Battle Between Longtail, and Rusty: SpeedPaint1: This is my first SpeedPaint, so please don't criticize? I'm still figuring things out.

    2: What would you like me to do next? Please comment and tell me.

    3: I don't do blood, so don't ask for that pacifically.

    sarahstuffies2012-10-06T18:14:04892 views00:10:12
  • Casting Call for The Forest's Clearance (Updated)
    Casting Call for The Forest's Clearance (Updated)This is an updated version of my casting call. Please, I really need the help. There are so many more cats coming that I will need voices for. I've used my family up ;D



    "What are you doing here? ...
    sarahstuffies2012-09-13T14:59:15745 views00:03:12
  • Tuff Kitties
    Tuff KittiesMy new Lynx, Tiger, is about to learn what happens when Cinnamon (Katie's Alley Cat) wakes up without her best friend Spot.

    Film Made by both me, and Katie, although she will not be publishing it :)
    sarahstuffies2012-09-09T14:44:10451 views00:03:05
  • Domino Demo
    Domino DemoThis is a domino fest to be honest. When I first made the film, I thought that it would be more of a tutorial. But, with the awesome music
    (Fiber bundles) and a few other domino set ups (Starry night, and the Guinus world record for longest l...
    sarahstuffies2012-08-24T07:49:05612 views00:02:54
  • Swampy at the Grand Canyon
    Swampy at the Grand CanyonOkay, this is a video I made and edited along time ago, but never got around to posting. I watched it today, and I saw how fun it was, and wanted to post it :Dsarahstuffies2012-08-23T09:09:05369 views00:04:58
  • Meet My Pets
    Meet My PetsThis is the video where you meet my pets, Tootsie, Sweet Pea, and Sunny.

    Remember that Sweet Pea, is a strict indoor cat. And that that deck is confined. I do not suggest letting a de-clawed cat be an outdoor cat.
    sarahstuffies2012-08-17T11:54:05402 views00:02:37
  • The Forest's Clearance (Trailer)
    The Forest's Clearance (Trailer)I have nothing to due with the clips in the trailer. I only have done, will do, the audio and music. (And in this case text.) The owner of the clips is YouTube User sswarriorcats :)sarahstuffies2012-08-04T11:35:26605 views00:00:41
  • Wii Sports Resort
    Wii Sports ResortA cool music video describing the game categoriessarahstuffies2012-03-14T20:49:06388 views00:02:38
  • The Laughs of Life, Catwise
    The Laughs of Life, CatwiseThis is a funny video. One pointer? WATCH THE SUBTITLES! And enjoy our Cat Sweet Pea.sarahstuffies2011-10-23T12:39:20932 views00:04:03
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2: Mounting the Whomp King
    Super Mario Galaxy 2: Mounting the Whomp KingA cool trick that my sister and I discovered in Super Mario Galaxy 2, Throwback Galaxy.

    This video can also be found on KatieKinz's account.
    sarahstuffies2011-10-07T22:44:21571 views00:01:51