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What steps can you take to share life with people who in the past you might have avoided?

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Father, Please Keep Them Safe This Year



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  • E Phrygian Lesson
    E Phrygian LessonAnimation thing i put together, forgot to add red to root notes tho srry. This is the way i play the scale, it is not the whole thing and it may be layed out a little different but it is the same. when i actually play it like while improvising or ...disciplefanclub2010-10-02T01:17:211,411 views00:01:47
  • Pentaonic Scale
    Pentaonic ScaleThis is a thing i made with a aimation program and Acid, first thing reasonably good. This is b@@[email protected] the most common scale. The highlighted notes r whats being played, and red highlighted are root notes, in this case A. any questions or comme...disciplefanclub2010-10-02T01:17:181,463 views00:00:47
  • Another solo
    Another soloOnce again, Not my best. My camera doesn't do good with distortion.disciplefanclub2010-10-02T00:21:131,571 views00:00:54
  • Little solo with pentatonics
    Little solo with pentatonicsnot my best performance ever. sorry abouth the sound, camera doesn't do good with distortion.disciplefanclub2010-10-02T00:21:132,366 views00:01:05
  • Lord Reign In Me, Acoustic
    Lord Reign In Me, AcousticSorry about the sound quality. I look really happy don't I?disciplefanclub2010-10-02T00:03:542,684 views00:01:49
  • Kryptonite Intro
    Kryptonite IntroThe intro to Kryptonite by 3 doors down. Sorry about the sound.disciplefanclub2010-10-02T00:03:542,580 views00:01:00
  • My dog hobbys
    My dog hobbysWhat my dog does 80 percent of the time.disciplefanclub2010-10-02T00:03:442,540 views00:00:57