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Judgment and Obedience
Are you more concerned with pleasing people than God?

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Blessed are the Meek



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  • Song of Solomon Media: UNTIL THE DAY BREAKS (July 18, 2011
    Song of Solomon Media: UNTIL THE DAY BREAKS (July 18, 201...In the night time of our life, where do we hide until the day breaks and the shadows flee away? Where is our refuge until the darkness passes? Through the Song of Solomon we discover Love that endures with patience through the challenges that test...davidleonemedia2011-08-16T14:05:33856 views01:00:14
  • Misunderstandings & Misinterpretations in End Day Prophecy: Secret Rapture (August 3, 2011)
    Misunderstandings & Misinterpretations in End Day Prophec...Join us as we explore common biblical misinterpretations of end time events. This week we explore biblical texts that discuss the common notion of the "secret rapture" . Where do those who are "taken" go? Who are those that "remain"? davidleonemedia2011-08-07T05:34:551,014 views00:30:00
  • Song of Solomon Media: CATCH US THE FOXES (July 11, 2011
    Song of Solomon Media: CATCH US THE FOXES (July 11, 2011This week we explore the verses in the Song of Solomon that read, "catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vineyard". We discover what ARE the "little foxes", the petty nuisances and criticisms, that spoil the vineyard of love. These w...davidleonemedia2011-07-20T19:34:57835 views00:55:11
    REVELATION: THE Ultimate MARRIAGELooking at Revelation with eyes of a marriage! The process of matchmaking, vows, washing, the sealing, dedication, sharing the cup and consummation!davidleonemedia2011-04-14T17:12:511,357 views00:29:56
  • Revelation #13-- 666 & the Sabbath
    Revelation #13-- 666 & the SabbathLooking at Revelation with a Christ centered approach, we look at 666 as the deification of man and the fruit of his highest attainments (as paralleled in Solomon's wealth--666 talents a year) as the MARK of revelation. We also juxtapose the MARK ...davidleonemedia2011-03-27T22:07:232,138 views00:29:57
  • Revelation #15--The Harlot's Forhead
    Revelation #15--The Harlot's ForheadExploring the book of Revelation with a Christ Centered approach. On this episode we will be examining the "harlot's forehead" or her thoughts and attitudes against Christ davidleonemedia2011-03-18T22:32:201,158 views00:29:53
  • Revelation #14: BABYLON
    Revelation #14: BABYLONLooking at the biblical Babylon with a Christ centered approach and a modern day application.davidleonemedia2011-03-12T23:30:22955 views00:29:58
  • Revelation #12--The Seals
    Revelation #12--The SealsThe seals of God upon your heart part 2... Taking a Christ centered approach to the Seals of Revelation.davidleonemedia2011-03-03T15:12:17762 views00:29:57
  • Revelation #11: The Seals
    Revelation #11: The SealsThe Seal of God upon your heart.davidleonemedia2011-03-03T14:27:18979 views00:29:23
  • Revelation #10: THE FOUR WINDS
    Revelation #10: THE FOUR WINDSThe four winds and the seal of God using a Christ centered approach. The winds of Christ blowing into our lives to shake out all the chaff--all that is vanity that can and will be cast down, corrupted and destroyed. Yet this shaking is only to set...davidleonemedia2010-12-10T00:45:16940 views00:29:56
  • Revelation #9: THE FOUR HORSEMEN
    Revelation #9: THE FOUR HORSEMENThis is part 2 part of the horsemen of the apocalypse or the 4 horsemen of Revelation with a Christ centered approach.davidleonemedia2010-10-27T09:05:021,109 views00:29:57
  • Revelation #8: THE FOUR HORSEMEN
    Revelation #8: THE FOUR HORSEMENUnveiling the four horsemen of Revelation using a Christ centered approach. This is part 1 of a 2 part series. The White Horse and the Red Horse.davidleonemedia2010-10-04T16:26:51951 views00:28:21
  • Revelation #7: THE FOUR HORSEMEN
    Revelation #7: THE FOUR HORSEMENRevelations series continues! The focus is on the 4 faces of Ezekiel and the 'four creatures' around the throne. The tree of life and the East Gate of the garden of eden is taught upon. The four faces appear again in Revelation Chapter 1 verse 5.davidleonemedia2010-10-02T02:22:241,067 views00:29:43
  • Revelation #6: SIN, SALVATION & FAITH
    Revelation #6: SIN, SALVATION & FAITHDefining terms. Coming to a common understanding of sin, salvation & faith.davidleonemedia2010-10-02T02:19:59974 views00:28:20
  • Revelation intro #4: CHRIST's HUMILITY
    Revelation intro #4: CHRIST's HUMILITYThis is the last of the Revelation introduction series in the exploration of Christ and His humility and righteousness and Christ as our High Priest.davidleonemedia2010-10-02T02:17:381,039 views00:28:24
  • Revelation #5: Christ's compassions
    Revelation #5: Christ's compassionsWe invite you to discover Christ as a compassionate Savior through our series on Revelation. This episode we will be going through Revelation chapter 1. We will explore the sanctuary in the context of Christ's ministry and we will also lay the fou...davidleonemedia2010-10-02T02:17:311,250 views00:29:26