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  • Word 101
    Word 101Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: BIBLE captainamerican2011-12-04T19:51:21383 views00:10:56
  • This was your life II
    This was your life II??Man's thoughts perish when he dies,??Book of Psalms??Word of God??[Bible]????????????????captainamerican2011-10-25T05:34:28278 views00:10:33
  • This was your life
    This was your life 4 it is appointed un2 man once 2 die and after this: judgment. Book of Hebrews Word of God [Bible] Book of Ecclesiastes Nforms us thatwe can die B4 our time, and book of Ephesians 6 tells us 2 honor our father and mother and things will work ou...captainamerican2011-10-23T18:39:20407 views00:10:33
  • PAX217 Melody
    PAX217 MelodyEnjoy [In joy]captainamerican2011-02-01T11:15:25517 views00:03:45
  • PAX 217 It's over
    PAX 217 It's overEnjoy [In joy]captainamerican2011-02-01T11:10:16317 views00:02:53
  • PAX 217 Amazing
    PAX 217 AmazingIN joy!! [enjoy]captainamerican2011-02-01T11:05:07429 views00:04:11
  • PAX217 It's Over
    PAX217 It's OverHope U ENJOY!!captainamerican2011-02-01T10:50:09370 views00:02:53
  • 1000%_0003.wmv
    1000%_0003.wmvCaptain America here reminding U that Jesus is coming soon: N the morning, night, or noon: many will meet there doom N the moment N the twinkling of an eye we shall B caught up 2 meet the Lord N the air following all the dead N Christ that shall r...captainamerican2010-12-16T01:32:17439 views00:06:13

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Red Bombs
Why is it so important to dress appropriately for the wedding feast? How can you help others know that God has invited them to be part of His wedding feast one day?

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