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No Floating
In what ways have you been “floating” spiritually?

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Increase My Love, O God



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  • Word 101
    Word 101Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: BIBLE captainamerican2011-12-04T19:51:21397 views00:10:56
  • This was your life II
    This was your life II??Man's thoughts perish when he dies,??Book of Psalms??Word of God??[Bible]????????????????captainamerican2011-10-25T05:34:28282 views00:10:33
  • This was your life
    This was your life 4 it is appointed un2 man once 2 die and after this: judgment. Book of Hebrews Word of God [Bible] Book of Ecclesiastes Nforms us thatwe can die B4 our time, and book of Ephesians 6 tells us 2 honor our father and mother and things will work ou...captainamerican2011-10-23T18:39:20442 views00:10:33
  • PAX217 Melody
    PAX217 MelodyEnjoy [In joy]captainamerican2011-02-01T11:15:25603 views00:03:45
  • PAX 217 It's over
    PAX 217 It's overEnjoy [In joy]captainamerican2011-02-01T11:10:16325 views00:02:53
  • PAX 217 Amazing
    PAX 217 AmazingIN joy!! [enjoy]captainamerican2011-02-01T11:05:07447 views00:04:11
  • PAX217 It's Over
    PAX217 It's OverHope U ENJOY!!captainamerican2011-02-01T10:50:09376 views00:02:53
  • 1000%_0003.wmv
    1000%_0003.wmvCaptain America here reminding U that Jesus is coming soon: N the morning, night, or noon: many will meet there doom N the moment N the twinkling of an eye we shall B caught up 2 meet the Lord N the air following all the dead N Christ that shall r...captainamerican2010-12-16T01:32:17445 views00:06:13