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King of the Sunrise
How are you declaring the glory of God in your life?

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The flesh versus the spirit - Part One - Bishop Michael Reid

This is one teaching that every Christian needs to hear!

One trap that most of us fall into, is doubting if God ever met us! When God first births us from above, we have an amazing experience, and our lives change into something beautiful. Then after a short period, we begin to notice old habits coming back into our lives - and attacks in our minds with doubt, fear, unbelief, and sometimes blasphemous thoughts.

And then we ask ourselves "How could I be a Christian when I think like this?" Or "how could i be a Christian when I keep falling into sin?"... Was I ever saved at all....???

This battle within, between the flesh and the spirit none can have, accept the ELECT, the TRUE children of GOD.

Take comfort my friends and enjoy this 11 part teaching that will help you on your walk as a TRUE child of God

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