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The False Prophet and the Devil's Horns

This clip offers a quick and simple way to reveal another heretical action the False Prophet hides in plain view. So obviously and exaggeratedly satanic is the "sign of the devil" that the audience is only willing to read its opposite meaning: love. Whether it is due to brainwashing, or to blindness, or two hypocrisy, or to hidden agendas, the fact that this symbol has now come to represent "love" because of 'sign language' or because of a little Filipino girl (who became popular in her country) is almost a proof in itself; a proof of how the Illuminati work as they patiently take care of every single detail regarding their plan of "de-christianizing" of this world.

Please, pay attention to the various ways the False Prophet uses to mock, insult, ridicule, minimize, disprove, attack, humiliate, and desecrate Jesus Christ.

Special thanks to: for the article appearing from 0:28 to 0:34 titled "Signs: The Goat (Satan), Francis’ Beast Cross” (
To read more about :pope" Francis and the Devil Horns, visit">

God Bless you all +++

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