Ayden's Story

This is the video of our son Ayden and his dramatic healing. When Ayden was first taken to the doctor. We were told that Ayden had pneumonia in both lungs, his kidneys,liver and intestines were shut down. His white blood cell count was zero like he was dead, and his potassium was 2.5 which is lethal by itself. It only went down hill from here Ayden was diagnosed with an Immune difficiency. When it was all said and done Ayden had 18 IV's attached to him pumping him with everything you could imagine to keep a human being alive. He also had three of his main arteries tapped with various lines. He went into a state of DIC which means that all of his blood vessels were leaking, including the ones in his brain. They thought he would be brain dead IF he lived. On top of that he also had blood in his brain where his vision center is located. Ayden also had a stroke on top of everything else that was going on in his brain. His little body was overcome by a bacteria called pseudomonis. This bacteria when dying releases toxins which eat your flesh away. The bacteria completely ate his bottom away, what was left was a gapping hole. We stood on God's promises for our life, and stood strong in prayer. The lord healed Ayden of everything including his bottom. Which the doctors said would not happen they were going to send us to a burn unit in Denver for reconstructive surgery. All of this happened in 8 short weeks. As you watch the story unfold with the pictures. I want you to notice something that we did not notice till later. In almost every single picture we are smiling. The lord carried us through this and changed the lives of those around us! We hope that this story can be a inspiration of what God can do when things seem hopeless. God Bless you all and thank you for taking the time to watch this.

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