(2) Christian Life Tabernacle/ Huntington Indiana/ Pastor Jon Willis

My name is Sue and I attend Christian Life Tabernacle in Huntington, IN. I want to testify about the healing I received in our recent revival services. I have had diabetes and arthritis for over ten years (not more than 15 years). I have digressed to the point of total dependence of the assistance of a walker. The night God healed me I came in on my walker as always, but the evangelist came and prayed for me. I immediately began to feel heat come into my feet. I felt the power of God go through me and I threw my walker aside and began to walk around the church on my own. The Lord did a complete healing that night and I've not used my walker since June 1st. Even now telling about what God did for me, I feel a warm sensation rushing through my entire body. God is so Good!!

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