Song: Come Ye Sinners by Stephanie Holden and Brock Hamrick

Song: Come Ye Sinners by Stephanie Holden and Brock Hamrick playing the guitar in 2004. Come to Jesus today and turn from all the snares and enticements of this world and give your life to Him. Trust His voice as He calls you to forsake this life and follow after Him. The problem is not with what you're doing it's with who you ARE. YOU ARE A SINNER! Jesus looks beyond what you've done and He deals with the ROOT of the problem, YOU! (Micah 7:18-20) People, even yourself, will look at all the things you done, and fail to look at what Jesus has done for His own glory, and they can't get past the results of your life. But Jesus pardons the iniquity (or lifts off of you the burden and bondage of the wickedness of your own heart by changing who you are. On the cross Jesus subdued and conquered our sin problem and paid the debt that we owed for our sin.)to set us free to follow Him. He, through His life and sacrifice on the cross, satisfied the holy wrath of God and supplied the favor needed to be in a right relationship with a loving and holy God. You may not want to be right with God. You may not want to give up who you are. If that is so you'r not ready to give up this world for Jesus. But if you heard His voice trust Him today with your life and He'll change you and the result will effect your lifestyle forever. Jesus is the GREATEST INTERRUPTER that has EVER LIVED. You'll know when you've been interrupted by Him, and know this, when He alters your life, it is FOREVER. ( or

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