KJ-52 :KJ Five Two

KJ-52 :KJ Five Two

Artist: KJ-52<br />

Song: KJ FIVE TWO<br />

Birth name: Jonah Sorrentino <br />

Born: June 26, 1975 (1975-06-26) (age 33)<br />

Tampa, Florida, United States <br />

Genre(s): Rap and hip hop<br />

Christian hip hop<br />

Rap <br />

Occupation(s): Rapper <br />

Instrument(s): Rapping, Beatboxing <br />

Years active: 1993 - present <br />

Label(s): BEC (current)<br />

Essential (former)<br />

[email protected] acts: Sons of Intellect<br />

Peace of Mind <br />

Website: www.kj52.com <br />

<br />

Jonah Sorrentino better known by his stage name KJ-52, is a Christian rapper from the United States. "KJ" is an abbreviation of "King J," an old rap name he had before moving into Contemporary Christian Music. "52" (which is pronounced "five two," not fifty two) is a reference to the five loaves and two fish that Jesus used to feed the 5000. He was awarded the Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year for "Never Look Away" and Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year at the GMA Dove Awards of 2007.<br />

<br />

Biography<br />

Raised in Tampa, Florida, KJ-52 was the product of a broken home. He began writing rap songs at twelve years old, and at fifteen KJ converted to Christianity and wrote his first Christian rap. While a teenager, KJ began working in youth ministry at a Florida inner-city church. He also recorded a demo, but it was largely ignored (although he admits to it being "really horrible"). It wasn't until KJ met a young, likeminded rapper named Golden Child, the two formed the Sons of Intellect and began performing throughout Florida. Soon Golden Child moved on and the Sons dissolved. But that brief bit of success in Christian rap had whetted KJ's appetite, and in the summ