Hero Jumps Into Alligator Exhibit To Save Bitten Trainer During Live Show

Hero Jumps Into Alligator Exhibit To Save Bitten Trainer During Live Show

A child’s birthday party went from fun to frightening when kids observed a hero in their group jump into the alligator exhibit to save the bitten trainer during the live show. Scales and Tails Utah provided a few gasps, wimpers, and wails when their handler and ‘gator butted heads—literally and figuratively.

All looks totally normal as the trainer explains that the ginormous reptile is not supposed to climb onto his platform unless invited to do so by its trainer. We hear one mom respond with an “Oh” that clearly indicates she’s engaged and excited about what the little ones are learning.

As the trainer finishes her introductory sentences, she opens the clear door to begin her demonstration. She pushes back on the alligator now attempting to climb to her end of the platform, obviously without invitation, and it helps itself to her left hand that’s evidently come too close to resist.

In seconds the situation becomes terrifying! Trainer and alligator do a very brief push-and-pull dance, but the trainer determines quickly that she’s now going to have to jump into the ‘gator’s space in order to free herself. And, from the back of the crowd, we see a man emerge, Donnie Wiseman. He’s definitely not upfront for the program, but he bounds forward in mere seconds to help the trainer in peril.

He calls out to the trainer, “What do you want me to do?” Then, with a bit of urgency, to any staff who may be in earshot, he shouts, “We got trouble in here!” In seconds, he repeats those phrases much louder and in a manner that screams emergency. The trainer has now been flipped completely over by the alligator, and she is drenched.

Our yellow-shirted hero Donnie jumps in and mounts the alligator and begins asking for instructions on what he needs to do. The trainer is notably calm, her hand fully encased in the cranky creature’s mouth. The moms quickly clear the kids from the viewing area, because the situation is no longer “G” rated.

Now, the three are clamped together in the enclosure, and another staff person approaches. He talks a bit with the trainer and then leaves the scene, presumably to gather more help or tools.

Another male spectator has handed off his camera just as our hero in the tank has hurled his shades onto the alligator platform. In seconds, the trainer’s hand escapes the alligator’s mouth, and the still-dry gentleman grabs her under the arms and pulls her from the watery cage. Thankfully, she is conscious and still able to assist her chivalrous helper plan his way out.

The alligator takes this quick-thinking dad for a lap or two around the pen, and he looks like a cowboy atop a bucking bronco. I don’t think there’s any love lost between hero and scaly scoundrel, but what’s NOT to love about a person who jumps in, decisively and unselfishly, to help another. While the violent scene was probably more than what little guys should see, the exhibition of bravery was exactly what they should!

“Be strong, and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The Lord will do what is good in his sight.” 2 Samuel 10:12

Disclaimer: In the midst of this stressful rescue as the situation escalated, one curse word is exclaimed.

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