Abundant LIFE

Abundant LIFE

In the beginning ,
The LORD brought forth Abundant LIFE !

MUSIC was arranged and performed by KROW .
DRAWINGS were done by JEK .
RECORDING and Musical Slideshow Video
were produced by John E. Cranfill .

MUSIC is based on modified excerpts from :
BACH - Fugue in D major (BWV 532) ;
HANDEL - Organ Concerto #4 (W.T. Best's Cadenza) .

Feel free to use, copy, or "cover" this video .
Feel free to make modifications to my modifications ;
however the SPIRIT moves you !

If you want to contact me, then my email-address is :
johnjekkrow@windstream.net .

August 25, 2021 JEKJohnECranfillKROW

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