Rescue Cat Talks In His Sleep

Rescue Cat Talks In His Sleep

There are two camps, either you’re a cat lover or you’re a dog lover. Now some, not all people in the dog camp assume cats have no personalities. They claim cats are not fun to hang out with.

Unless you meet Ernie, a Burmese cat who will most definitely change your mind. This Melbourne rescue cat talks in his sleep and it is beyond adorable.
Like all cats, Ernie loves to bask in the warmth of the sun. He enjoys long naps and a bit of catnip with his toys. His parents happen to think he’s pretty cute when he sleeps, and they snuggle with him. But that’s not the only reason they snuggle with the adorable cat at nap time.

Ernie talks in his sleep. It makes you wonder what he’s jabbering on and on about. Is it because he’s dreaming? And if so, what is he dreaming of? Maybe he dreams of all the mice he can catch or the best places he’s ever napped. Maybe he’s not a mouse cat but a bird cat and he’s dreaming of some birds to catch. Or maybe, just maybe, he’s dreaming about a ball of yarn.

Who knows but it’s adorable and it will make you giggle before sharing it with another fellow friend in the Team Cat camp!

One afternoon while Ernie snuggled up to take a snooze on the chest of his Dad, Ernie started talking in his sleep! At first Ernie was chattering away about something and his parents thought it was too funny so, of course they had to get it on camera.

Soon, Ernie was scolding his parents while he was trying to sleep! They were interrupting the 18 hours of beauty rest he needed! The more his owners giggled, the grumpier Ernie sounded. Goodness, this cat pawsitvely needs a purrrfect amount of sleep to improve his mood, don’t you think?

“When you lie down, you will not be afraid, when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.” Proverbs 3:24

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