'Walking With Herb' Official Movie Trailer

'Walking With Herb' Official Movie Trailer

The ‘Walking With Herb’ official movie trailer shows that a story of faith can be lighthearted and fun.

‘Walking With Herb’ stars George Lopez as God’s personal messenger and Edward James Olmos as Joe. In the movie, Joe turns away from his faith because of a recent tragedy and begins to accept that he’s approaching retirement. Until...

God sends him a message. Just when Joe loses his faith and gets lost in life, God is there to guide the way!

God tasked Joe with proving to the world that the impossible is possible. To do this, the once-amateur golfer must win the World Entire golf championship. But this victory will only come if the strength of his faith is restored.

The IMBd summary says, “As Joe embarks on a spiritual journey along with God's personal messenger and motorcyclist, Herb, Joe learns to make a difference, he must learn to face his fears, have confidence in his abilities, and commit to God before he can succeed.”

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the lighthearted faith film that I really need right now. How can George Lopez be in something that doesn’t give a few laughs?! He can’t!

The trailer opens with a funeral scene for a baby/toddler, who was assumably his granddaughter. If anything, it’s moments like these that can shake a person’s faith. And Joe admits, “I have no faith.”

Then Joe gets a message on his work computer from God telling him that he’s been chosen for a mission. This is where George Lopez’s character enters on a motorcycle with a wiener dog and ice cream cone. That is some wholesome comedy.

Joe meets Herb on a golf course and gets some answers and instructions for his mission. As a man who hasn’t played golf in 35 years, Joe thinks the mission is truly impossible. But he hasn’t completely given up on God.

The rest of the trailer teases the friendship that develops between Herb and Joe as Joe replenishes his faith. I’m smiling just writing about this movie -- it definitely seems worth the watch!

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