Goat Takes Off After Hearing Owner's Voice Through Doorbell Camera

Goat Takes Off After Hearing Owner's Voice Through Doorbell Camera

This goat takes off after hearing owner’s voice through doorbell camera, and it’s hilarious!

In true goat fashion, this goofy gal took a liking to the fancy doorbell and started licking and chomping on it after she climbed onto a patio chair. Except the little goat knew that she was caught when her owner’s voice says, “Bonnie, get away from there!” But where did the voice come from?!

Being a goat, Bonnie doesn’t understand technology (at least I would hope). So hearing her owner’s voice come out of nowhere when she thought nobody was near was quite alarming!

Apparently, as Bonnie harassed the high-tech doorbell, her nose pressed the button. A rookie mistake. That alerted her owner through his phone. I’m sure he had a good laugh before yelling at her to get away. He’s probably used to delivery people or neighbors, not animals!

There’s a moment of pause between the voice and Bonnie jumping away. There were probably a lot of things going through her mind at that moment -- at least as many things that a goat can have going through its mind!

It’s almost as if Bonnie is frightened by the voice and then confused until she freaks out and leaps off of her stool. From far back, she got a better look at her surroundings. I’m guessing she never actually figured out where the voice came from. But I bet she won’t try to eat the doorbell again!

Not to mention, the owner’s laugh makes the video even better.

Although these security doorbells may be helpful for theft protection, the shiny objects may also look like a tasty treat to goats. Do you think the warranty covers ‘eaten by a goat?’

God bless these silly creatures!

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