Little Brother's Wedding Speech Has All The Guests Laughing Out Loud

Little Brother's Wedding Speech Has All The Guests Laughing Out Loud

This little man definitely has a future in front of the microphone. This little brother’s wedding speech has all the guests laughing out loud! And it’s not just because he is the adorable little brother. It’s because he has some cheeky things to say about his sister getting married!

It’s funny how time flies. It seems like yesterday you were pulling her hair and shoving your three day old socks up her nose for her to smell.

Let’s not forget about putting grasshoppers in her bed, wacking her with your pillow at breakfast, during movie night or basically anytime she was ever in reach, or sneaking into her candy stash, or making her run to your parents for one reason or another from your relentless teasing.

Little brothers are notoriously known for their blunt and brutal honesty when she brings a crush home or how they can make you blush ten shades of red in public for seemingly well calculated and well timed comments in public. But little brothers are also known for their loyalty.

They're known for their unconditional love and just how much they want to protect their big sisters too. These reasons are why this little brother’s wedding toast was a smashing success in making the guests laugh out loud!

The bride and big sister, Lilyan Dawood, couldn’t help but put her brother’s wedding toast on TikTok and it quickly went viral, garnering over almost two million views! It’s easy to see why.

Standing in his tux in front of his sister and his new brother-in-law, he said, “Everytime she annoyed me I’d tell she’s never going to get married.” He pauses and waits for the crowd’s laughter to subside before adding, “Then she brings a guy home and I’m surprised. So now I’m telling him [the groom], ‘Happy wife, happy life.” And the crowd just roars with laughter! Isn't it obvious how much he loves the limelight--I mean, his sister?

“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting.” Job 8:21


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