Paralyzed Toddler Miraculously Walks Out Of Hospital On His Own

Paralyzed Toddler Miraculously Walks Out Of Hospital On His Own

This paralyzed toddler miraculously walks out of hospital on his own, despite the bleak outlook on his future.

In early December last year, 2-year-old Alaric Bridgeman told his dad that his back hurt. Most parents wouldn’t be alarmed hearing a complaint like this from their seemingly healthy toddler. So his dad, Dustin, rubbed it a little and moved on.

Then Alaric said his toes were hurting. Dustin knew this was different. He tried to stand his son up to walk, but he fell.

When his mom, Sarah, got home, the parents took their sweet little boy to the hospital. Alaric was immediately transferred to Akron Children’s Hospital.

Poor little Alaric was diagnosed with a spinal cord infection called transverse myelitis. His nerves were being attacked, so he eventually became paralyzed from the neck down.

His mom explained, “He didn’t progress as fast as they would’ve liked. He didn’t make as many steps in the right direction. It actually took him quite a while to start moving, and everybody got a bit concerned at that point.”

His first movement was on December 20th, over 15 days after the initial emergency room visit.

His parents documented his slow progress with short videos here and there. Little Alaric was not giving up! The determination and effort of this little boy are inspiring!

His dad said, “He was in [physical therapy] five, six hours a day every day and never gave up. He’s a fighter.”

After a total of almost two months in the hospital, Alaric walked down a little paper road the hospital staff put together. With his walker, Alaric crossed the finish line under the checkered flags.

Since getting released, Alaric has been progressing at home with the help of his loving family.

Alaric’s smiles and giggles through the whole recovery process warm my heart and remind me of the good in the world. God had a plan for this little boy to walk again, and we will pray for a quick and full recovery!

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