'Million Little Miracles' Elevation Worship And Maverick City Worship Performance

Listen and be lifted by ‘Million Little Miracles’ Elevation Worship and Maverick City worship performance.

Elevation Worship is an internationally known worship ministry for Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have created 12 albums over the years. There are currently six main members that are often joined by a small choir. Their goal is to create an ‘atmosphere of worship.’

Maverick City began in 2018 during a collection of songwriting camps that aimed to increase diversity within the Christian music world. The group has released four albums and a handfull of EPs. Their most recent work is a full-length album collaboration with Elevation Worship.

The worship groups’ ‘Million Little Miracles’ is one of the songs on their new album called ‘Old Church Basement.’ The album includes a long list of heartfelt worship music featuring different members of both music groups.

‘Million Little Miracles’ features Joe L. Barns from Maverick City. The video begins focused on him as the introduction plays. Even though the musicians are clearly on a set with lights and a bunch of other technical equipment, the performance feels so raw and heartfelt.

The wonderful thing about music like this is that it allows a room full of people to individually connect with God and connect with each other as whole. When Joe sings, “It’s nothing short of a miracle I’m here,” other people in the room cheer because each person can feel that line of the song.

Even though the words mention not being able to explain the power of God, the lyrics eventually explain placing your trust in Him.

You held me steady so I wouldn’t give up
You opened doors that nobody could shut
I hope I never get over what You’ve done

This song is a beautiful collaboration and is truly meant to be sung in a room full of people worshiping together.

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