Alligator Uses Crosswalk In South Carolina To Cross Road

Alligator Uses Crosswalk In South Carolina To Cross Road

Watch how this alligator uses a crosswalk in South Carolina to cross the road -- what a distinguished gentleman! This isn’t a common sight for most people, but I guess it’s possible in an area with gators!

To get to Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina, you have to drive on a road that goes through a marsh -- an alligator’s home. So there may be more gator crossings than you’d think.

100,000 alligators are estimated to live in South Carolina.

These law-abiding reptiles can be found all across the Southern U.S. Their territory spans from North Carolina all the way to Texas. I would hope to never come across one of these because they can weigh almost half a ton. The big guy in the video could be up to 11 feet long!

The lengthy fellow is seen taking his time on the crosswalk to get to the other side of the marsh. Jimmy Card took the video and shared that the gator made it safely across the street. My first move wouldn’t necessarily be to pull out my phone to get a video but to each their own!

The South Carolina State Parks joked, “We teach our alligators to use crosswalks.”

Alligators are twice as fast in the water, but I can’t imagine them running on land at speeds close to 11 mph. The internet-famous gator in the video seems to be taking his time crossing that road!

Even though they are carnivores, alligators won’t typically go after humans unless they feel threatened or provoked. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you better just let that gigantic lizard take its time!

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