Benson Joseph- Encounter

lyrics and music by Benson Joseph

Verse 1:

I live to walk in the glory of your light
To know who you are
I give my life as an offering of love
My heart and my soul surrendered to you


No one knows how much I long for you
To see you as you are
There's just one thing that I would seek
That's to worship you


Cause I live to worship
I lay my crowns before the glory of the cross
Before the glory of my King
And I'll sing in wonder
Sacrificing all regardless of the cost
I'll give you my heart
I'll give you love
I'll give you my all
So saturate me

Verse 2:

I'll sing my voice as an offering of praise
Resounding within, in awe of you
I'll bow down, my face to the ground
in reverence to you

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