Guilty Dog Hides Blueberries In His Mouth

Guilty Dog Hides Blueberries In His Mouth

This guilty dog hides blueberries in his mouth and gives his owner the biggest puppy eyes! Some dogs will run for the hills with snatched food with no remorse, but this guy can’t help but feel horrible. It’s like he’s made the worst decision of his life!

This short, 13-second video has over 3 million views. I know I’ve watched it over and over again myself. That dog is just too cute! I definitely tried to count how many blueberries he had hidden in there.

The video begins with the owner putting her hand out in front of her, under the dog’s mouth. She says, “What do you have in your mouth?” while she holds back a laugh.

She then tells the dog to spit it out. He seems to give her a goofy smile, but one blueberry falls out!

The owner repeats herself as the puppy eyes stay strong. All of a sudden, the dog opens his mouth and pushes a bunch of blueberries out with his tongue. They fall to the floor and roll away, but he keeps his eyes on his mom.

His mom couldn’t help but laugh at her little thief. I think he should be let off with a warning. Clearly, he felt awful about the whole thing!

A popular comment by user Gordon Davis says, “The reason why no dog ever graduated from spy school - they look too guilty when up to shenanigans.” This is too true!

I don’t know about you, but I will be sending this video to all my friends!

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