Teen Casey Bishop Sings Unique Rendition Of 'Over The Rainbow'

Teen Casey Bishop Sings Unique Rendition Of 'Over The Rainbow'

Listen to teen Casey Bishop sing her unique rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’ on American Idol. Casey is known for her rock music, but for this round, she embodied Judy Garland and put her own twist on it.

Casey auditioned for the fourth season of the rebooted American Idol when she was 15 years old. She sang ‘Live Wire’ by Motley Crue for the judges and was asked to show her blues side too. She then sang ‘My Funny Valentine’ by Frank Sinatra.

She double-wowed the judges in both genres. Luke Bryan even said that Casey may be the next winner of the series!

We all could probably hum the tune from ‘Over the Rainbow.’ This classic ballad was written in 1938 for the timeless movie, The Wizard of Oz and was originally sung by Judy Garland, the star of the film.

Since its debut, the song has probably been covered by hundreds of famous artists. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole recorded a popular version of the song in 1990. The video of his version has been viewed over one billion times on Youtube. The cover features only his voice and a ukulele.

Taking a step back from her rock persona, Casey performed this classic with a small orchestra and a cloudy sky behind her. All the lights were on her. The stage was covered with a soft fog at her feet. She had nowhere to hide. All of the focus was on her and her vocals.

From the judges’ response, she clearly impressed them with yet another genre of music she can handle. I’m so impressed with her talent and so proud of her all at once! Her voice is a gift!

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