Horses Use Teamwork To Help Scratch Each Other's Itch

Horses Use Teamwork To Help Scratch Each Other's Itch

These smart horses use teamwork to help scratch each other’s itch, and let’s be honest, would humans think of this solution as quickly?

Ever have one of those itches in the middle of your back that you just can’t reach? No matter how many different angles or positions you try, there’s just no hope. You might ask a friend or partner, but what if you’re alone or around strangers? Definitely shouldn’t go asking a random person to scratch your back.

People have those handy back-scratching sticks to take care of an itch. Some aren’t that lucky to have an item for this scenario, and by some, I mean horses. How would they even attempt to use a backscratcher? They wouldn’t. So they have to be clever.

It probably took these horses a couple of seconds to figure out how to take care of their annoying itches the first time. I mean, just look how normal! They definitely do this all the time.

More often, you’ll see horses rubbing up against fences, walls, and other weird objects to get their scratches in for the day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse use its hoof to scratch itself. I don’t even know if that’s possible!

Basically, it seems like the entire body can be difficult to scratch for a horse and plenty of other animals! That’s definitely why they get so into it whenever they get those good scratches. Lucky for these pals, they have each other to reach exactly where they need a little scratchin’!

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