Grandma Hilariously Fails Trying to Use Microphone Feature on iPad

Grandma Hilariously Fails Trying to Use Microphone Feature on iPad

What a blessing to watch this relatable grandma hilariously fail trying to use her microphone feature on an iPad!

In a time when our dependence on technology feels daunting, it’s refreshing to see that our devices aren’t quite as intuitive as the humans we love.

Amidst our stressing to interact with digital tools as though they’re family members, we need the warm-hearted humor of real-life to relieve the pressure. It's lovely to watch how gently grandma handles the awkwardness of talking through an iPad.

You can almost imagine her snuggled in a comfy chair, wishing the iPad was her beloved “Megan.”

Replying in her soft, measured voice to Megan (who has just sent her a text saying, “Sweet!”) it's adorable how this grandma explains, “I'm trying the microphone, and I hope this comes out right.”

You just can’t help but laugh with tenderness as she fumbles through creating a spoken text that’s capturing her every word. Including the words she doesn’t want. It would frustrate anyone, but grandma just perseveres with positivity.

It's a cheerful reminder that even though our apps claim to make life better, sometimes what's best is to see if it helps those who need a bit of hand-holding. And isn't that all of us sometimes?

As her iPad captures her thoughts—that aren’t her intended message—we get a first-hand look at how we’re human. And, that what we long to say to each other may be best understood face-to-face. Even better, said with an actual hug from grandma.

With over 900,000 views, comments from her tickled audience include:

How does this not have 1 million views? loL

This lady doesn’t know how the loop she created affected the universe…

Thank you, Grandma...for showing us that people need people. And for letting us all off the hook when we feel our devices get the upper hand on our moods.

Let’s learn a bit from grandma who’s willing to try and fail and share it with others!

“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” 2 Cor. 12:9

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